Исследования, бизнес-планы: Alternative fuel market in russia liquid biofuel bioethanol biodiesel solid biofuel fuel granules or fuel pellets gaseous biofuel biogas


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Бесплатная аналитика

Alternative fuel market in Russia: liquid biofuel (bioethanol, biodiesel), solid biofuel (fuel granules or fuel pellets), gaseous biofuel (biogas) (артикул: 00833 16427)

Дата выхода отчета: 30 Апреля 2008
География исследования: Россия
Период исследования: 2003-2007 гг.
Количество страниц: 31
Язык отчета: Русский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    Main research objectives are:

    1. State estimation and development prospects of the alternative fuel market in Russia (bioethanol, biodiesel, fuel granules or fuel pellets, biogas) from standpoint of investment appeal.

    2. Expediency definition and possibilities of investors penetrate to the alternative fuel market in Russia.

    The research period is 2003-2007. The general trends and development forecasts of the alternative fuel market in Russia are considered over near-term outlook.


    Information sources:

    1. Reports of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture; statistical data of Federal State Statistic Service, research results of the International research projects center, and data of Russian Federal Customs Service.

    2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.

    3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform – North-West ».


    General conclusions:

    Biofuel is fuel gained as a result of biological raw material processing. There is more than enough biomass in Russia. These resources are not monopolized by the giant companies, and their cost is not influence subject of world markets conjuncture.

    The specialists distinguish the following types of biofuel: liquid biofuel (bioethanol, biodiesel), solid biofuel (fuel granules or fuel pellets), gaseous (biogas) and etc. Now biofuel is observed as fuel which can be alternative for existing types somehow: oil and its components, gas, hydrogen fuel, and etc.

    However today the bioethanol market is not really developed but even its creation has multitude of restrictions and burdenings. Manufacture and accordingly consumption of bioethanol in Russia is complicated due to lack of legislative baseline regarding use of fuel bioethanol.

    The biodiesel market is at the initial stage of evolution: its manufacture is carried out in the experimental purposes; machines working with biodiesel are tested; and regional programs including factories build plans are developed as well.

    At the same time in Russia the positive factor of bioethanol and biodiesel manufacture at the first stage of implementation can become export to the EU countries.

    Intensively developing export-oriented branch of fuel granules and bricks manufacture is required evolution of the domestic market which could provide some stability of marketing and thus lower investment risks. Thereupon Russia having the world's largest stock of wood resources has real chance to accept a role of leading world supplier of solid biofuel.

    The biogas installations created and checked in Russia are capable already to improve cardinally economic and social conditions in agriculture during the next years. Showing unlikely not record payback for the process equipment - no more than a half-year, they solve occasionally serious environmental issues.

    Besides, use of biogas technologies for organic chemistry processing can not only remove completely its ecological danger but also get additional 95 million tons equivalent fuel annually. More than tens companies-participants of the Russian alternative fuel market are mentioned in the given report.

    More detailed information on any firm can be received on-line at Agency website where in accessible form reference company data is presented not only, but also in comparative form its financial figures, foreign economic activity data and etc.


  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта


    1. Biofuel: concept and its segmentation

    2. State and development trends of the Russian bioethanol market in 2007

    3. State and development trends of the Russian biodiesel market in 2007

    4. The basic features of the Russian solid biofuel market in 2007

    5. The basic features of the Russian gaseous biofuel market in 2007

  • Перечень приложений


    2.1. Grain and basic agricultural crops sowings in all classes farming in 2007

    2.2. Gross grain yield in Russia in 2003-2007 and forecast for 2008

    2.3. Grain export and import in July - June of 2005-2007

    2.4. Declared investment bioethanol manufacture places in Russia at the beginning of 2008

    2.5. Comparative estimate indicators of investments required for oil refining factories (NPZ) and biofuel plants construction in Russia

    2.6. Bioethanol output counting upon 1 ground area hectare of basic cereal crops

    2.7. Spirit manufacture efficiency of various agricultural raw material

    3.1. Comparative table of some physical and chemical diesel and biodiesel fuel properties

    3.2. Set terms regarding transition to Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro–5 standard diesel fuel

    3.3. Declared investment biodiesel manufacture places in Russia at the beginning of 2008

    3.4. The list of the oil-extraction plants equipped for raps processing

    4.1. Comparative characteristics of fuel types

    5.1. Initial raw material influence to biogas output in mesophilic fermentation regime

    5.2. The biopower installations made in Russia and their brief technical data


    2.1. Cereal crops export trend from Russia in 2003-2007

    2.2. The comparative data detailed on bioethanol manufacture expenses

    3.1. Lorries market trend in Russia during 2003-2007

    3.2. Raps manufacture trend for 2003 – 2007

    3.3. The main methanol producers in Russia in 2007


    1. Analysis of financial figures of a firm "X"

    2. Analysis of foreign trade activities of a firm "X"

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